Fight the Power

Since I’ve resumed my writing in this blog, I’ve been struggling with my blogging identity. You see, I didn’t want the blog to become a “mommy blog.” There’s nothing wrong with being a mommy blogger, some are my favorites (like Momastery, among others). But this blog started out as a healing place, and I didn’t want every entry to be about this newest chapter of my Mommy journey.

Well, wouldn’t you know that every time I even gave thought to this blog’s identity, I was reminded about the title of the blog: “Better Part of Me.” I explain on my “Why ‘Better Part of Me’” page that I am on a constant journey of self-discovery. You see, on that journey, there are sections. The road is not straight and clean, but it has twists and turns. And each section of the road represents a different period in my life.

There was the childhood period, college, then law school. The stories I could tell from that! Then there was the stretch where I was single, working and just enjoying and living life. I got married and moved to another part of my journey, the one of wife and 2nd mother. That’s when this blog started, and I’ve written about that. And now, I’ve started a new section: mommy. It is different than the role of 2nd mother, because it’s full time, not every other weekend and a few weeks in the summer. So it’s okay that the section of my journey I’m presently on is reflected in my writings: it’s the current story of my self-discovery.

Too often we fight against ourselves. We are who God created us to be. When we stop fighting that, we open the door to infinite possibilities. We aren’t colorless (side-eye to you, Raven-Symone), genderless, or without feelings and deep rooted beliefs. We must embrace ourselves, our entire selves, for when we do, we truly find the “Better Part of Me.” So here’s to the journey, mine and yours!