About Me

I am Rasheeda Niambi Matthews.  I say that intentionally, because my English 101 Professor, Judy  Gebre-Hiwet, taught us that we are our names, they aren’t just names, and I’ve never forgotten that.  Rasheeda means “Righteous One” in Swahili, and Niambi means “melody.”  There’s a funny story about how I came to be named Rasheeda, but I’ll only share the first half, which is, I was named after a model my dad saw in Essence Magazine (so they say).  My brother probably has some joke about that, I’m sure.

My parents are two of my favorite people.  I look just like my mom (who looks like her mother, and so forth and so on), and inherited some of her tendencies, particularly when it comes to leadership and being bossy.  Did I say that???  My dad and I are like two little kids; always trying to convince the other to “grow up” or act like an adult.  Everyone who meets my parents loves them, and well, I can’t blame them, though I’m not really trying to share them (for the record).

I have an older brother, Aaronde, whom I greatly admire.  We are super duper close, have similar senses of humor, and really just have a great time together.  He’s an amazing person, and has been one of my biggest cheerleaders in my life (when he’s not beating me up—you know, the way siblings do).  His wife is not my sister-in-law, she’s my sister, the sister I always wanted, and I love her and my nieces to pieces!

In 2008, on August 8th (08/08/08), God blessed me with an amazing husband, Javan “Van” Matthews.  He is all that I ever prayed for, and more.  We work hard to have a great marriage, and I am thankful for the good days and even the challenging ones.  Through Van, I’ve inherited two beautiful daughters whom I love as if I birthed them myself, and we also have a son who has gone home to be with the Lord, Javan Caleb, whom I often refer to as Caleb.  We also have a new baby girl who was born in July 2014.

There’s a lot more to me, but it’s a blog, so you’ll learn more as you go on.  My family is most important, outside of my relationship with God, so it was important that you learn about them before you learn the rest about me, as they help shape me.