Finding Your Passion

I’m a believer in spending time doing things that matter.  We should be seeking to make an impact in this world.  My Pastor, Calvin Duncan (@calduncan5) always says, “Successful people add value to themselves.  Significant people add value to others.”  I want to live a life of significance.  It’s the driver behind my constantly re-evaluating my priorities, and is the reason why I embarked on a leadership journey a couple years ago called Leadership Quest.  Through that journey, I discovered my passion for community involvement, which is children, and specifically, impacting children in Richmond’s public education sector (k-12).

I think everyone should find what they’re passionate about and pursue it.  And so, for today’s post, I’d like to introduce you to my older brother, who is passionate about combating Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking.  He’s written a great article about why he got involved, and I thought it would be appropriate to share it with you (with his permission, of course).  So, please check out “A  Call to Men:  What will your story be?”

What are you passionate about?  Share it with us in the comments!


2 thoughts on “Finding Your Passion

  1. Leslie Gibson says:

    I am passionate about helping to destigmatize depression and anxiety and other mental health issues and identifying supportive resources and restorative practices for those affected.


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