A Parent’s Love

Momma!!!!!  Momma!!!!!  I had a bad dream!!!!

My husband and I were jolted awake Saturday morning around 5:00 am.  Our 7-year-old, “Miss Lady,” had come into our room crying uncontrollably and yelling for me.  I was so exhausted I could barely open my eyes, and sat up a little and motioned for her to come over. She came straight into my arms and I pulled her up and hugged her.  Her breath was heavy and jerky, you know, the kind of breathing you have when you can’t stop crying and you’re a bit hysterical.

I finally found my voice and just rubbed her back and kept saying, “It’s okay, baby.  It was just a dream.  Everything is okay.”  I could feel her breathing ease back to normal, and within a few minutes, she was calm again and just laying on me. Soon, we walked back to her room and I prayed with her and helped her get back to sleep.  I laid in the bed with her until I heard her snoring and was assured she was sound asleep, and then went back to my own bed.

For the past few days, I’ve been thinking about that experience.  This was the first time Miss Lady has had a nightmare and asked for me.  She usually asks for Daddy (she is a Daddy’s girl).  But that’s not what has stuck with me.  What has stuck with me was the panic that was in her voice, and in her breathing, and how, as quickly as it woke me, it was soothed by simply being in the arms of her “Momma,” who she knows loves her and will protect her always.

Our children look to us to protect them. They look to us to keep them safe, and to always make sure we look out for them.  When things go wrong, they look to us for comfort.  Our job is to love them always, to teach them and to protect them.  And once they are sure that we are going to do our job, their worlds are better by simply the presence of Mom or Dad.

It made me think about that day we found out our son passed.  My husband obliged my request to go to my parents’ house, and in their arms I felt some comfort, but it wasn’t quite enough.  Not because my parents didn’t love me enough, but because this was something that, even with all the love they had for me and pain they were experiencing at the time, they weren’t the parents I needed to take away the pain.  I had to turn to my first Father, my heavenly Father.  And that night, as I lay in my bed, wrapped in the arms of His love and His peace, my panicked breathing slowly eased and became a calm in the midst of a raging storm.

So often, we run away from the place that can give us comfort.  But, as Miss Lady has reminded me, we need to run to the place of comfort, because it is there that we will find the peace and healing that we need…quickly.  So in times of trouble, I encourage you, run to the arms of the Father, not away from them. Because His love will always ease your pain, hurt and panic.


10 thoughts on “A Parent’s Love

  1. Gwen Corley Creighton (AKA MOm) says:

    What a powerful story of encouragement to RUN TO OUR FATHER, especially in times of stress, of panic!

    Love you so much and the mighty woman of God you are in Him!



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