The Lights Went Out

It was Saturday, August 27, 2011.  The power had been flickering off and on for a few hours, and I was desperately trying to finish the laundry and heat up the baked spaghetti I’d frozen the week before.  The wind was blowing, the rain was strong, and trees were coming out of the woods behind our home and landing in our backyard.  No, this isn’t the intro to a novel I’m writing.  This is what happened to us this past Saturday, thanks to a hurricane named Irene.  So now, 5 days later, we are still without power.  We have a generator someone loaned us, which is helping salvage our food.  We also have amazing neighbors who have come together to look out for one another, salvage food, and grill together :-).  The neighborhood that grills together stays together?  Perhaps.  I know I wouldn’t trade my neighbors for anything.

But, I digress, there are a  million and one thoughts flowing through my mind now, and they aren’t really all coming together.  I intended to post that we are without power so there won’t be a full blog post today.  But then, I read a blog that touched me, brought tears to my eyes, really, and I wanted to share it with you.

So, in lieu of my personal writing today, I ask you to go read this AMAZING and INSPIRING blog post from fellow blogger and friend, Venus Bolton.  It is called, “God’s Abundance,” and, if you’ve been following the posts and stories about their daughter, Mireya, you won’t want to miss this update. 

Have a great week, and be safe!  If you are still without power in the Richmond, VA area, or know those who are, Faith & Family Church (7900 Walmsley Blvd, Richmond) will be giving out lunches at 12:00 noon today (Wednesday, August 31, 2011). 

Oh, and before I forget, I want to acknowledge my Baby Girl, who turned 7 yesterday!  She’s a big girl, and I’m so proud of her!  Happy birthday, sweetie, Momma loves you so much!



Author’s Note:  The picture featured in this week’s post is a real image of trees lying behind our house.  It has not been altered in any way.


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