It Starts With One …

When I was a child, my parents enrolled me in Friends Association for Children.  Friends was a place that I remember fondly.  It was founded by Lucy Goode Brooks, a slave in Richmond, Virginia, as an orphanage for colored youth.   Friends opened its doors in 1871, and is still open today, with multiple locations and resources for young people of all ages.

A few years ago, Friends began selling the Lucy bracelet, a beautiful sterling silver bracelet that has a simple saying engraved on it, “Isn’t it amazing what one woman and her friends can do?”  I’ve been thinking about this statement for the past couple weeks.  As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I’m working on a project that is very near and dear to me. But I recognize that, while I believe the project will touch many lives, it isn’t a work of mine alone.  It is truly the work of “one woman and her friends,” because it takes some of my friends to complete the project.

I’ve thought about this as I watched the movie, “The Help.”  I read the book, albeit reluctantly, a few weeks ago, and saw the movie over the weekend.  I was glued to my seat, because it took “one woman and her friends” to step up and share their story in the midst of very real, very dangerous threats.  But it was through the sharing of that story that they gained freedom, freedom of self and freedom of mind.

And today, I thought about this quote as I watched, through teary eyes, our local news channel do its weekly “Acts of Kindness” story.  I was glued to the television because I knew the recipients of this week’s “Acts of Kindness” award.  They are #TeamBolton, who I’ve mentioned in previous posts.  They have spent this year, and the entire summer, dealing with their 4-year-old daughter’s diagnosis of severe Aplastic Anemia and enduring long hospital stays, a bone marrow transplant and many other challenges.  Yet, through it all, they’ve remained strong in faith, strong in spirit, strong in family and strong in love.  What was also touching, though, was that they were nominated by another friend, Frazelle Hampton, a single mother who had just gotten out of the hospital dealing with her own health challenges.  But she wasn’t thinking about that, she was thinking about how she wanted to be a blessing to #TeamBolton.  Frazelle did something amazing, with her friends.

“Isn’t it amazing what one woman and her friends can do?”  It doesn’t have to be a lot.  You just have to take a step.  Make a phone call, lend a helping hand, reach out.  There are so many opportunities to give to others, it’s hard to justify why you wouldn’t.  After all, you never know what impact you will have long term.

“Isn’t it amazing what one woman and her friends can do?”

Acts of Kindness Video


4 thoughts on “It Starts With One …

  1. Otha Windfield says:

    Great review! You actually touched some curious things on your blog. I came across it by using Google and I’ve got to admit that I already subscribed to the site, it’s very great 🙂


  2. How true! Sometimes it only takes one. One idea from one person. One step forward and one more person to join the enterprise. I love this post and the Hale quote is one of my favorites. FYI – I’ve got a Lucy bracelet and I always get a special feeling when wearing it.


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